Final Peak Week in CT

May comes to a close in Connecticut with a final peak week of training consisting of:

Monday: 60 minute recovery
Tuesday: 90 minutes (10 strides, 15 seconds each, 95% effort, uphill).
Wednesday: 100 minutes (30 minutes track - 4 x 1000m repeats at Vdot)
Thursday: Off
Friday: 3 hours (2 x 50 minutes uphill at Lactate Threshold)
Saturday: 8 hours (trail, 6000 ft ascend/descend, 35+ miles)
Sunday: Off

That’s about 15 hours/ 85 miles for the peak week plus 2 hours of weight training. Perhaps not intensive enough for a sub-24 hour finish at the race, but should be good enough to finish between 24 and 30 hours.

Next week is a recovery week and then on to the Memorial Day Weekend Training Runs, where 600+ runners will run on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday the last 70 miles (30/20/20) of the Western States trail.

I’ll move to Squaw Valley for the 30 days prior to the race; I plan to run the canyons during the heat of the day and “sleep at altitude” at Olympic Village.

I’ll post on the Memorial Day Weekend Training Runs.

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